Teaching & Learning Method

The University is devoted to the use of modern methods of teaching and evaluation. It emphasizes the advantages of learning through small groups in clinical setting. The year is divided in 03-trimesters of 70 working days each. The lectures are accompanied by extensive teaching material prepared and consistently revised by the faculty. Use of audio-visual equipment, small group sessionals, computorials, externships, internal moot courts, simulation and other learning by doing techniques form the core of tutional arrangement. The student is expected to write one paper in each course later followed by substantive dissertation in seminar courses. The cumulative effect is to make for an intensive environment of learning where the teacher and the taught co-operate in inquisitive exploration.

Based on an underpinning of interdisciplinary approach NLIU imparts teaching of law with the help of social science subjects. Case method and Socratic methods of learning and teaching are the characteristic features of the class room discussion. In addition class room teaching is reinforced by moot court competition, client counseling skills, language and computer proficiency forming an integral part of learning at the B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) level. Constant endeavors are made to keep abreast with the current global teaching practices and to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs, challenges and opportunities of legal education in the twenty-first century.